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Supper Club

The Wine Series

In 2018, we formed Supper Club to bring a dining experience to like-minded people who love food and wine. Our goal? To have a conversation about the things we eat and drink, where it comes from and the makers behind the ingredients.

This year, The Wine Series brings greater focus to food and wine pairing. We’ll invite special guests, from sommeliers to winemakers to serious wine enthusiasts, to select three wines from which our Chefs will create a three-course set menu. Together, we’ll learn the principles of pairing, importance of terroir and varying methods of fermenting grapes into the most delicious adult juice.

#05 La Petite Mort Wines

For the final Supper of 2021, we’ve invited Glen Robert & Andrew Scott of La Petite Mort. LPM wines are often referred to as alternative or experimental. While definitely outside the mainstream, the wines are based on techniques rooted in hundreds of years of history.

The use of terracotta, specifically Georgian qvevri, and super-extended skin contact are highlights to look forward to in Glen and Andrew’s wines. For this Supper, we’ll be exploring three beautiful Marsannes including one sous voile – under a protective ‘veil’ of flor yeast.

Menu coming soon!

Due to COVID, Supper Club is no longer a long table dining experience. Instead, our guest will move around the dining room to speak with each group.
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