Our Menu

Oysters - Raw Bar

oysters from different regions – changed weekly – served with lemon, mignonette

Oysters - Cooked Bar

with grilled green garlic butter – cured lime, chilli, coriander – fried cornmeal-crusted with sriracha remoulade

Oyster Flavour of the Week 1-3 Dec 2017

grilled bourbon and chipotle, smoked butter

Smoked oyster pâté

housemade sourdough

Crème brûléed cornbread

maple butter, Maldon salt

Oyster tacos

fennel slaw and chipotle crema

Blackened greens

salt-cured egg yolk

Miso-glazed octopus

grilled eggplant, pickled cucumber

Watermelon salad

grapefruit, labneh, fried rosemary

Crunchy jumbo prawns

spicy green salsa verde

Whitefish sashimi

the fresh catch of the day - pomegranate, lime, coriander


Amazing Wines

Our philosophy is to serve small batch and minimal intervention wines which pair beautifully with our oysters and share plates. We aim to support small and boutique winemakers and share their skills through awesome vino.Our list is constantly changing so ask our team or check the scribble on the subway tiles for today's offerings and suggestions.

Beautiful Beers

In line with our wine philosophy, we serve beers that are local and made with love. Small batch brewers experimenting with wild fermenting and wine techniques to bring you a glass of liquid gold (or dark, or pale, etc.)!


Chocolate Semifreddo

Dark chocolate semifreddo with matcha crumb and strawberry

Coconut Panna Cotta

Coconut panna cotta with seared mango and a dusting of caramelised coconut

Ricotta Cheesecake

Sesame ricotta cheesecake with fig, rosemary and island honey